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Remembering Dino, the other Baggio

Sharing a surname with his generation’s best player meant Dino Baggio was living in someone else’s shadow, but he deserves to be remembered in his own right

The rare genius of Emilio Butragueño

Coming through the ranks as part of Real Madrid’s legendary Quinta del Buitre, few of their own have gone on to greater things than Emilio Butragueño

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📷 Dino, the other Baggio ⚫️⚪️
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AS Roma and Borussia Dortmund are now available digitally. Link in bio!
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📷 Silvio Berlusconi welcomes Roberto Baggio and George Weah to AC Milan 👑
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📷 Les 🔵⚪️
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📷 Remembering those days when, after scoring seven goals for Herenveen in a single game, people were comparing Afonso Alves to Romário.
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📷 Iconic 1️⃣9️⃣9️⃣7️⃣
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📷 Luc Nilis 👑
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📷 Decent wall 🔴⚫️
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⚡️🐺 Forza Roma
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📷 Nick Culkin: the man who had a two second Premier League career ⌛️