Original Series

Sometimes a single article just isn’t enough. On occasion, you need a whole series to celebrate the good, the bad and the pioneering in football. That’s why we started our award-winning Original Series. From A Tale of One City, exploring the greatest derbies and cultural hotspots in the football world, to The Fleeting Fraternity, the stars who flickered brightly for brief moments in time, join our senior writers as they bring you some of the sport’s greatest stories.

The 50

milan capello van basten

 The Football Italia Years 

A Tale of One City

 A Tale of One City 


 The Masterminds 


 The Fleeting Fraternity 

Zenit ultras

 A World of Ultras 

 Diego Maradona: The World Cup Diaries 

anderlecht tielemans belgium

 The Academy Way 


 The Tsars of Football