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Was Paul Scholes wrong to walk out on Oldham?

Paul Scholes’ brief tenure at Oldham has proved one thing: you don’t push the boundaries of the former Manchester United midfielder

Introducing: Ajax

Welcome to issue two of the club magazine series by These Football Times. This is 140 pages of original photos, art and words dedicated to AFC Ajax

Blackpool and the shameful silence of the EFL

What’s happened to Blackpool – and the fact that the EFL have aided and abetted it – is a crying shame for both the club and its fans

The voodoo magic of Robert Mensah

Strikers get all the plaudits, but without those men between the sticks you simply can’t have a good team. Like firemen, they do the opposite of what many would do; they charge into…

Spanish football in the Franco years

With much of Spain under the oppression of General Franco, football suffered immensely as the nationalist, brutal dictator stamped his authority