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Remembering one of football’s great modern comebacks

Football is littered with catchphrases and clichés. One of the best-known is “it’s not over till the final whistle.” On the face of it, that might sound like a hackneyed statement of…

The mysterious death of Italian star Denis Bergamini

Denis Bergamini found a dead owl at the training camp the morning of 18 November 1989. An all-action midfielder, gifted and determined, he was an icon, adored by boys and girls, in Cosenza.…

The extraordinary life and death of Matthias Sindelar

Until the tanks rolled in and Adolf Hitler ruined everything, Vienna in the 1930s was a vibrant and wonderful place. It was a cultural hothouse that produced such unique minds as Freud, Schnitzler…

The birth of Zemanlandia

CAUTION: FOR YEARS THAT WAS HOW CLUBS reacted upon their promotion to the Serie A. The big clubs, those with money and power, were simply too strong for them, so naturally they did…

George Best’s forgettable spell with Cork Celtic in 1976

As featured on Guardian Sport THE NUMBER 10 INSIDE LEFT for Cork Celtic that day zipped around the field with ease, leaving the Bohemians defence consistently baffled. He feinted one way and then…