About Us

Stories matter. They do to us, anyway. In 2011, These Football Times was born from the idea that outstanding football writing should be free and available to all. From that simple idea grew a site that has since incorporated a bi-monthly print magazine like no other, interviews with the biggest names in the game, analysis of the defining moments from today and yesteryear, stories from around the world, a podcast looping through the ages of football, and given the best freelancers a platform to earn money, grow and improve.

The aim has never changed: deliver engrossing, contextual features alongside current affairs reports that challenge the norm. Reading shouldn’t be boring – it should inspire and motivate. It should educate and enhance. That’s the aim we share with each and every one of our numerous contributors. They care about the words they put on the page, and we care about them.

From our inception, the site has grown exponentially and is a part of the Guardian Sport Network, as well as contributing content to the biggest media platforms the world over, including the New York Times, the BBC, ESPN, Bleacher Report and China Daily. We’re proud of our growth, but we won’t stop now.

Don’t be fooled into thinking football has lost its soul. Let us take you back in time and stir those feelings of nostalgia, and let us help you travel to a future of better understanding and reinvigorated passion. After all, football matters. It always has.

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