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The USSR’s momentous World Cup campaign of 1966

Many European countries have enjoyed success in World Cup football. The tournament has been won by England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, while the Czechoslovakia, Holland and Hungary have played in a…

Lev Yashin: the only goalkeeper to win the Ballon d’Or

Illustration by Federico Manasse How do you measure greatness? Statistics, trophies and personal accolades are often touted as the benchmarks, but for Lev Yashin, the best indication is through the reputation he…

The golden ages of the Soviet national team

THINK OF THE RUSSIAN NATIONAL TEAM and you’re unlikely to think of anything particularly positive. One brief flutter towards success came in reaching the Euro 2008 semi-finals in fine style – led by…

The last great days of the Soviet Union

Reaching the final of Euro 88 and re-forming again in 1992 after the Union’s collapse, the Soviet national team enjoyed fleeting highs in their final days

A Stalinist utopia and the Ghosts of Avanhard

Once standing on the cusp of professional status, Ukrainian side Stroitel even had a brand new stadium waiting for them. Then the Chernobyl disaster struck