The violence and victory of Marco Materazzi

In 1532, Niccolò Machiavelli published a now-famous treatise on leadership and governance. ‘Il Principe’ advised that, in an imperfect world, man must do whatever it takes to succeed and thrive. Machiavelli argued that the ends always justify the means, and his opus became a seminal text in the fields of modern politics and philosophy. Today, the…

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The Battle of Nuremberg at World Cup 2006

On any occasion that a player’s participation in a major tournament is cut short courtesy of an accumulation of yellows, the empathetic aftermath often unites the watching world in a way unlike most footballing matters. The repeat offender, painfully aware that should his team progress he shall be relegated to the role of spectator by…

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The Lob podcast talks to US legend Marcelo Balboa

In the history of the United States national team, only four men have made more appearances than Marcelo Balboa’s 127. We caught up with the former midfield star to talk about his three World Cup experiences, player development, the national team today, his roots in Argentina, and those incredible locks. • • • • • • • • Listen on: • • • •…

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