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A-Z of the 2000s: Ricardo Quaresma

It is for his silky skills, not his various deficiencies, that Quaresma will be remembered as time slowly wears the memories of his fleeting career away

A-Z of the 2000s: Luís Figo

To this day “Luís Figo pig head” is the first search suggested by Google when you type his name. It’s a shame. He was greater than that, far greater

José Mourinho: the Porto years

European football would never look the same again after a young José Mourinho took his talented Porto side to Champions League and domestic dominance

Ricardo Quaresma and the storied journey of an enigmatic prodigy

Portuguese football has a rich history of sublime attacking talents. From the great striking exploits of Eusébio to Barcelona star turned Galáctico icon Luís Figo, Portugal is a nation that’s been blessed…

Eusébio: Black Panther

This article is taken from the Battle of the 10s issue of These Football Times Magazine, which you can order today. “Who’s that black guy that scored three goals in 20 minutes?…

How far can Marco Silva go in his managerial career?

MARCO SILVA HAS MADE A BIG IMPRESSION in his short time in English football. Arriving with a burgeoning reputation, the improvement in results and style of football he’s managed to produce with…