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An ode to Deco

Deco’s doubters should look at the highlight reels of one of the great playmakers. He was, you can be assured, far better than many remember

Éder’s fleeting moment in the sun

That Éder, a man with an unremarkable record, gifted Portugal Euro 2016 glory should offer hope that others can place their names amongst the greats

A-Z of the 2000s: Ricardo Quaresma

It is for his silky skills, not his various deficiencies, that Quaresma will be remembered as time slowly wears the memories of his fleeting career away

A-Z of the 2000s: Luís Figo

To this day “Luís Figo pig head” is the first search suggested by Google when you type his name. It’s a shame. He was greater than that, far greater

José Mourinho: the Porto years

European football would never look the same again after a young José Mourinho took his talented Porto side to Champions League and domestic dominance