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Super Robert Pirès

The rarest of talents, at his best Robert Pirès was a joy to behold, often unplayable, and the man Arsène Wenger called Arsenal’s “oil in the engine”

A-Z of the 2000s: Didier Drogba

Over the course of the 2000s, how strikers played changed vastly, and much of this was down to the attributes Didier Drogba brought to his game

Waddle at Marseille: how Magic Chris found freedom in France

Clad in a shirt that even kaleidoscopic tat-mannequin and occasional full-back Dani Alves might be moved to describe as “loud”, Basile Boli beams intently at a television superimposed onto the wall in…

Fabien Barthez: the brilliant and the bizarre of the bald one

After navigating a tricky early period, Sir Alex Ferguson often appeared to have everything under measured control at Manchester United, with squad rebuilding seemingly a fluid and effortless transition, allowing the club…