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Peter Crouch: a man in a game of robots

It’s ironic that Peter Crouch, a man known to dance like a robot, was anything but, despite playing out a career in a game littered with them

Liverpool and the defiant heroics of Istanbul

Facing the world’s best team in AC Milan, when Liverpool came in at half-time 3-0 down, all hope seemed lost. But hope was, in fact, all they had

Ian Rush and the four-goal Merseyside mauling of Everton

This feature is part of Virtuoso If “comparison”, as former United States President Theodore Roosevelt said, “is the thief of joy”, it’s a wonder that so many football fans are so obsessed…

Gary McAllister’s Indian Summer at Liverpool

The opening goal set a hypnotically frantic tone. Captivatingly familiar for a derby game. Quality’s void filled with the excruciating knowledge that something is always about to happen. In clearing a David Unsworth…