Euan McTear

Senior Writer

Names of the Nineties: Vinnie Jones

A lengthy YouTube session reminiscing over Vinnie Jones’ antics from the 90s deserves to be screened at Leicester Square as much as any of his movies

The rare genius of Emilio Butragueño

Coming through the ranks as part of Real Madrid’s legendary Quinta del Buitre, few of their own have gone on to greater things than Emilio Butragueño

Óscar de Marcos and the torn scrotum

They talk a lot in Spain about having big balls; Óscar de Marcos certainly does. Metaphorically, that is, and not just because of the swelling

FC Fidel: when Cuba joined the German fourth tier

Cuban football is a minor mystery to the outside world. The league is amateur, in the literal sense, and the national team only contests one or two competitive ties each World Cup…

The eternal back and forth of Xavi and Andrés Iniesta

This feature is part of Duology Sometimes we aren’t gifted a logical ending to a story. Sometimes a tale is wrapped up in the most head-scratching of manners. Sometimes the final act…