Why Adam Lallana deserves your attention

Adam Lallana is one of those players who has always been there. There, hanging in the space between irrelevant and popular. A decent, gifted squad player who can be relied on, but nowhere near a world-beater and not often a game-changer. It was in the 55th minute of Liverpool’s clash with Leicester City that Lallana…

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Let‘s get it started: Arsenal vs Liverpool

After the absolute rollercoaster that was the 2015-16 season, the first week of Premier League is quickly approaching and it already looks very promising. The vice-champions Arsenal are going to face Klopp‘s determined squad, and we can only hope the match will be half as stunning as the Gunners‘ last year‘s debut horror. That is not…

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The triumph and tragedy of Ray Kennedy

Momentarily paralysed, the familiar looking man in his mid-30s had to rely upon the help of strangers to get home. This wasn’t a one-off occurrence. In extreme instances, an ambulance had to be called. Five years earlier the same man had produced a masterclass of a performance at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, during the…

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