The Big Analysis: Athletic Bilbao vs Valencia

Last season couldn’t have been more contrasting for Athletic Bilbao and Valencia. Valencia showed promise following a whole host of talented signings, including the likes of Álvaro Negredo, Matthew Ryan, André Gomes and Rodrigo, however their season was derailed with four managerial appointments and many results going against them – including a 7-0 thrashing by…

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Telmo Zarra: the man before Messi

Football in its contemporary format is one dominated by the development of the superstar. With the sport becoming evermore a global game, it is reaching its tentacles into areas that had previously been far less influenced by it. With this growth, new generations of fans are constantly created and a new affinity for their chosen club…

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Andoni Goikoetxea: The Butcher of Bilbao

Tread a path through every football-obsessed city on earth and seldom would you find the home of a retired professional footballer without the walls or spare rooms of their home habitually decorated with awards, medals, or shirts; mementos and keepsakes from their playing days proudly displayed for all to see. Their careers cruelly eroded by…

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