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Edmundo: O Animal

One of Brazil’s finest talents, for many the brilliance of Edmundo on the pitch was matched only by his madness off it

A-Z of the 2000s: Tomáš Ujfaluši

Named as one of Fiorentina and the Czech Republic’s greatest defenders, Tomáš Ujfaluši was one of the 2000s most underrated players

Luca Toni: the last of the great target-men

Luca Toni may not have gone down as the most glamorous or talented, but he was prolific. And when you’re a centre-forward, that’s all that really matters

Gabriel Batistuta: the Fiorentina diaries

Taking exclusively from Calcio II, no man in Fiorentina history has soared to such heights as the unmistakable, often unstoppable, Gabriel Batistuta

Comedy, turmoil and power: Florence through Viola lenses

THERE IS NO CITY quite like Florence. Quintessentially Italian in culture, its history is both artistically rich and intertwined with political upheaval. The architecture is breath-taking, food and wine exquisite, and day-to-day…

Can Vincenzo Montella make AC Milan great again?

This feature is part of The Masterminds: 10 Under 45 Vincenzo Montella is not entirely dissimilar to Roberto Mancini. Like the former Inter and Manchester City manager, Montella exudes effortless charisma and…

Rui Costa: the slick prince who became a king in Italy

RUI COSTA’S footballing life can be summed up by one goal and the few moments that followed it. In August 1996 in Lisbon’s Estádio da Luz, Benfica lined up against Fiorentina for…

The renaissance of Luca Toni

As something of a vagabond journeyman, Luca Toni has carved out an unlikely career as one of the continent’s most effective goalscorers. We celebrate his rise from obscurity to dominance at the World Cup, goals at Bayern Munich and longevity at Verona.