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The cult of Tugay

A precise striker of the ball, Tugay garnered lofty praise from most he encountered and enjoyed a uniquely cult following

Names of the Nineties: Tim Sherwood

Tim Sherwood was, at his peak, something we rarely see in the Premier League today: a larger-than-life, blood-and-thunder character, unable to be usurped

Names of the Nineties: Alan Shearer

He may not have won the trophies that his talent deserved but Alan Shearer remains the most deadly and effective striker in Premier League history

Andrew Cole: the defining Manchester United years

Football songs seemed to reach a peak in the 1990s. At the start of the decade came Italia 90, which spoilt us with Luciano Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma and World in Motion by…

The fans finding their voices against oppressive ownership

As the hours on match day ebb by, kick-off slowly drawing ever closer, terraced streets surrounding countless football stadiums across the country buzz with activity as supporters seek to reach their sacred…

The polarisation of Craig Bellamy

Few players have split opinion amongst football fans as much as Craig Bellamy. The former Welsh international striker was the epitome of a Marmite footballer. Born and raised in a working-class area…

The dazzling, underrated excellence of Damien Duff

At his best, Damien Duff was an outstanding player, a shining light for Blackburn, Chelsea, Fulham and Ireland. We celebrate the dazzling winger’s career by looking back at what made him so special and the memorable memories he gave us.

David Bentley and the unforgiving world of football

June 13, 2014: “Robotic, predictable and a bit too calculated.” Those were the words chosen by a tearful David Bentley, aged 29 at the time, to describe his views on the modern game…

When Blackburn Rovers ruled the Premier League

Advertising boardings emblazoned in gaudy print with Sega, Gardner Computers and Lucozade laced the edges of the pitch, transistor radios littered the compact, yet unsettled crowd of just over 40,000, and a team in blue…