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A-Z of the 2000s: Tomáš Ujfaluši

Named as one of Fiorentina and the Czech Republic’s greatest defenders, Tomáš Ujfaluši was one of the 2000s most underrated players

A-Z of the 2000s: Fernando Torres

The Fernando Torres of the 2000s may not always have been blessed with world-class teammates, but he was a force like no other

The stunning Falcao hat-trick that blew Chelsea away in 2012

This feature is part of Virtuoso For all of the guile and trickery that wingers and creative midfielders possess, there may be nothing more entertaining than a centre-forward at their absolute best.…

Investigating the origins of Diego Simeone’s Cholismo

The path was clear for Antoine Griezmann. Bayern Munich’s defence had opened up before him and, courtesy of a nicely weighted through ball from Fernando Torres, he was clean through on goal.…