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The soap opera of Antonio Cassano

At his best, Antonio Cassano was a talent as good as any in Europe, however, a volatile personality stopped him from reaching his true potential

Liverpool and the defiant heroics of Istanbul

Facing the world’s best team in AC Milan, when Liverpool came in at half-time 3-0 down, all hope seemed lost. But hope was, in fact, all they had

The dazzling brilliance of peak Kaká at Old Trafford in 2007

This feature is part of Virtuoso The Champions League is, without question, club football’s grandest stage, affording individuals talented enough, and those with the itch for greatness, the opportunity to strut their…

Leonardo Bonucci and a bizarre year in Milan

As the next instalment of one of Italian football’s fiercest rivalries, this Sunday’s clash between AC Milan and Juventus is hardly in need of a talking point or two to grab the…