Stuart Horsfield

Senior Writer

A-Z of the 2000s: Kaká

Unfortunately, Kaká never really belonged to us mere mortal. Nevertheless, so great were his gifts, football could not help but praise him on high

Pierluigi Collina: the outlier in black

For a decade at the top, no referee in world football compared to the intensity and integrity with which Pierluigi Collina went about his business

Names of the Nineties: Gareth Southgate

A natural leader and calm presence, while Gareth Southgate may be unfairly remembered for Euro 96, he was, in fact, one of England’s finest defenders

The yin and yang of Paul Gascoigne and Gary Lineker

This feature is part of Duology The heavy touch. The realisation flickers across the face; disbelief mixed with desperation to rectify the mistake. The decision to commit to winning the ball back…

Why have England traditionally feared the fantasista?

The tradition within English football has always been to value hard work, physicality and determination over skill, technique and flair. It is a conundrum to me that, when football is known as…

The art and anatomy of scoring a beautiful goal

They say art is a subjective matter. What one person finds majestic another can find abhorrent. Tracey Emin’s Unmade Bed, Michelangelo’s statue of David and Banksy’s Raise the Drawbridge are all works of…

Is there any magic left in the FA Cup?

From 1978 to 1988, I adopted a similar tactic to Her Majesty the Queen and afforded myself two birthdays. One was my actual date of birth, and the other was a slightly…

Diego Maradona: the dream we all want to be

Illustration by Federico Manasse There are certain footballers that transcend the beautiful game; mere mortals who watch football see them as ethereal beings. These are the players who elevate the game to…