Karan Tejwani
Karan Tejwani

Senior Writer

Names of the Nineties: Neville Southall

A world-class goalkeeper only truly appreciated at Goodison Park, Neville Southall remains a an icon and role model for his football and his politics

Names of the Nineties: Peter Schmeichel

Peter Schmeichel remains a legend in Manchester, believed by most to be the greatest goalkeeper ever to have protected the Old Trafford nets

Diego Maradona: the Sevilla diaries

Ask any football follower about the greatest players to play the sport and Diego Maradona will gloriously be at the very top of most lists. A career that started and ended in…

The swagger of Dimitar Berbatov at his elusive best

This feature is part of Virtuoso Dimitar Berbatov was an often polarising figure when adorned in the red of Manchester United. Loved eternally for his passion towards the club, the cause and…

Beauty and the beast: the Piqué-Puyol diaries

This feature is part of Duology There exists a 15-second video clip, which does the rounds on the internet from time to time, that replays a moment from the Copa del Rey…