Dan Davison


Gianluca Vialli: the Chelsea diaries

When Gianluca Vialli arrived at Chelsea, he was one of the game’s best strikers. He would show that and more during a stint in London on and off the pitch

Gianluca Vialli: the Juventus diaries

Moving to Juventus for a world-record £12 million, Gianluca Vialli has to overcome a poor start to reach modern hero status in calcio

The rise of Gianluca Vialli to calcio royalty

In part two of a four-part series looking at the career of Gianluca Vialli, his memorable Sampdoria years are recalled, including his ascent in Europe

Real Zaragoza: the kings of the Copa

The year 2004 was one of multiple shocks in football. Werder Bremen won the Bundesliga, Porto won the Champions League, Valencia won the UEFA Cup and LaLiga, while Greece won the European…

How Uruguay lifted the 1930 World Cup

Almost 3.5 million – that’s the total population of Uruguay, the second smallest nation on the South American continent. Formed as a buffer state between Brazil and Argentina in the 19th century, Uruguay…