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A journey through the history of pass and move, possession-based British football, through the Tottenham Hotspurs teams of the 20th century (and a bit of the England team), cut together with archive footage and iconic British films of the century.

This special documentary passes through the 1920s Spurs team under Peter McWilliam – for whom Vic Buckingham, influential in building the Ajax style of football, played – the 1950s Arthur Rowe team, the glory years under Bill Nicholson, the 1980s team of Keith Burkinshaw and the 1990s team of Terry Venables, both at White Hart Lane and for England. It includes highlights of some their greatest moments and includes footage of legendary players from Danny Blanchflower and Jimmy Greaves to Glenn Hoddle to Paul Gascoigne.

To learn more about some of the great names in this documentary, read the below:

Why have England traditionally feared the fantasista? 

Vic Buckingham: the Englishman history forgot  

The Roman tragicomedy of Paul Gascoigne at Lazio  

Films used in making this documentary:

Night Mail – GPO Unit

Battle of Britain – Frank Capra

The Third Man – Carol Reed

By Jonny Newell of SwitchHit Productions