Would the real Adel Taarabt please stand up

With a proud North African heritage, a quintessentially French footballing education, and a playing style so laid back it can enchant and infuriate in equal measure, it really is no wonder parallels were drawn between Adel Taarabt and Zinedine Zidane when the former burst onto the scene as a young boy in the early 2000s.…

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Wayne Rooney: an inconvenient legend

When the conversation topic turns to footballing legends, those that spring to mind are generally the quintessential one-club men – Francesco Totti, Ryan Giggs and Steven Gerrard, for example. None of these players had entirely unblemished careers by any means, but they were unanimously adored by fans for their unrivalled loyalty and dedication. Despite over a decade of…

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Why we mustn’t force managers to change their style

Recently, I was at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona and my mind couldn’t help but wander off to football. This moment came when I was inspecting Pablo Picasso’s Las Meninas collection. In 1957, Picasso painted 58 different variations of Diego Velázquez’s classic portrait which had been completed 300 years earlier. Velázquez’s original is a traditional…

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