Why we mustn’t force managers to change their style

Recently, I was at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona and my mind couldn’t help but wander off to football. This moment came when I was inspecting Pablo Picasso’s Las Meninas collection. In 1957, Picasso painted 58 different variations of Diego Velázquez’s classic portrait which had been completed 300 years earlier. Velázquez’s original is a traditional…

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Jay-Jay Okocha: so good they named him twice

Illustration by Akinyele Lexain Olalekan. View more of his work here It’s January 2004 and Bolton Wanderers are playing Aston Villa in the first leg of the Carling Cup semi-final. In the 80th minute, Bolton are awarded a free-kick about 20-yards from Villa’s goal outside the top right corner of the box. Aston Villa, down 4-2…

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