Dalymount Park: the end of an era

One hundred and sixteen years. With every step taken beneath the stand on the Connaught Street side of Dalymount Park, there is an eerie echoing sound of crunching glass and rubble. There are old turnstiles filled with empty paint cans, bottles, and bags of concrete mix. Fallen branches and overgrown weeds surround an abandoned shopping trolley with…

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Behind the red mist of Roy Keane

Some voices intrinsically command respect, others obedience, but as the powerful, deep growl boomed out there was only one emotion flooding over the shaking 12-year-old boy: pure fear. “What do you want?” Gripped with panic, he couldn’t move. The eerie shadow loomed ever larger behind the frosted glass in almost comic book proportions until it…

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Liam Brady’s Italian sojourn at Juventus

Catanzaro is a small city located in the Calabria region of Italy. Known as the ‘City of Two Seas’, it is occasionally dampened by the sea and is subjected to snow-capped winters due to its geography. A quick Google of the word Catanzaro will lead you elsewhere, to the Catanzaro division – an infantry division…

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