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AC Milan

Between Sacchi and Capello, Van Basten and Gullit, Baresi and Maldini, Kaká and Shevchenko, AC Milan have experienced the highs of true revolution

Marco van Basten: the Ajax diaries

As a boy, Marco van Basten dreamed of being a gymnast. Sadly his dreams would falter – he’d instead become one of the greatest footballers in history


Welcome to issue two of the club magazine series by These Football Times. This is 140 pages of original photos, art and words dedicated to AFC Ajax

The perfect harmony of Marco van Basten and Ruud Gullit

This feature is part of Duology Football is blessed with a most illustrious history of superb duos that have made their livings creating nothing short of magic on the pitch. One team…

The art and anatomy of scoring a beautiful goal

They say art is a subjective matter. What one person finds majestic another can find abhorrent. Tracey Emin’s Unmade Bed, Michelangelo’s statue of David and Banksy’s Raise the Drawbridge are all works of…

Marco van Basten: an undisputed legend despite a premature end

This feature is part of The Fleeting Fraternity Imagine a striker tall in stature but with lightning-quick feet, a velvety deft first touch, the explosiveness of a coiled spring, the flexibility and acrobatic…

The importance of finding the target forward

As a versatile player with a six foot two inch frame and ability to run for days, I often played across the back line or as a central midfield player. The game demanded high levels…