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Names of the Nineties: Stan Collymore

Very few players could ever dream of hitting such big heights and of doing what Stan Collymore could do. And he did it all in his own way

Names of the Nineties: Pierre van Hooijdonk

Troublemaker or misunderstood genius? The jury remains out. Either way, Pierre van Hooijdonk was anything but boring during his British odyssey

Names of the Nineties: Steve Stone

Steve Stone was the generator of Forest’s mid-90s revival, helped power the rise of Portsmouth and was very nearly part of a winning England team at Euro 96

Names of the Nineties: Stuart Pearce

If somebody wrote a football version of the Art of War, the first page should show Pearce placing the ball on the spot before his penalty against Spain in ’96

The wizardry wing play of John Robertson

In the long and illustrious history of Scottish football, few wingers were better than John Robertson. We celebrate the unheralded genius who won two European Cups at Nottingham Forest and who Brian Clough jokingly dubbed “the fat bloke on the wing”.

Brian Clough and the art of doing it your own way

This feature is part of The Masterminds The only way to simplify football is to make it complicated. As such, understanding who Brian Clough was and his impact on football seems appropriate for…