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The fabulous Baker boys of Gerry and Joe

Despite being proud Scots and phenomenal footballers, neither Gerry nor Joe Baker would ever represent their nation at international level

Nobody goes down the park to be Paul Mariner

Often forgotten about within the English game, Paul Mariner – though not first pick in a park game – was a complete goalscorer for over a decade at the top

The rise and fall of Ipswich in the Premier League

Cast your mind back to the turn of the millennium. A time when we first came to grips with Big Brother, a time when the Millennium Dome was revealed to a semi-astonished English…

Sir Bobby Robson: football’s finest man

Bobby Robson was what is a known as a true football man. True football men are a rare breed. Their names and faces are etched in the memory of football’s illustrious and chaotic history,…