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Celtic and the discord of the 1990s

Celtic may be bidding to become the first Scottish club to win ten consecutive titles, but fans will never forget the dark 90s

Names of the Nineties: Pierre van Hooijdonk

Troublemaker or misunderstood genius? The jury remains out. Either way, Pierre van Hooijdonk was anything but boring during his British odyssey

Neil Lennon and the art of survival

FOOTBALL DOESN’T CARE WHERE YOU’VE COME FROM. It doesn’t care how hard you’ve worked, or how much you deserve a break. It’s a brutal business, unsuited to the weak of spirit and brittle…

Kenny Dalglish: a reluctant hero of contrasting qualities

Illustration by Federico Manasse Kenny Dalglish is a man of contrasting qualities. He’s a deceptive five foot eight inches, yet immense in stature. He is often adorned with a seemingly prickly demeanour,…