Tom Scholes


A-Z of the 2000s: Juninho Pernambucano

Try as they might, studying his game as fervently as they can, nobody will ever strike a dead ball quite like Juninho Pernambucano. Nobody

Names of the Nineties: Darren Anderton

Darren Anderton should be remembered for his professionalism and qualities on the pitch, not the unfortunate injuries that so agonisingly kept him off it

Names of the Nineties: David Ginola

Ginola was an enigmatic footballer who played with his heart on his sleeve – and his charisma and talent would see him become a true cult hero

The day Zlatan Ibrahimović trolled England

This feature is part of Virtuoso Occasionally in a footballer’s career you can pinpoint the exact moment the lightbulb went off in the public’s minds. When a fan doubts a player and…

Ledley King and the art of cultured defending

THE WORD ‘LEGEND’ IS THROWN ABOUT IN MODERN FOOTBALL too frequently for some. The criteria for becoming a club legend these days seems to be to simply stick around for a prolonged…