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Roberto Baggio: the Juventus diaries

He may have ended his career with a handful of medals but Roberto Baggio is about more than that: his ability is not measured by silverware but by moments

Zinedine Zidane: the Juventus diaries

While the legend of Zinedine Zidane was cemented at Real Madrid and for France, his Juventus years were crucial in his path to greatness

Juventus, Calciopoli and a year in Serie B

Let’s talk about a fall from grace; about Juventus, Calciopoli and their subsequent year in Serie B as the club faced its greatest challenge of all-time

Gianluca Vialli: the Juventus diaries

Moving to Juventus for a world-record £12 million, Gianluca Vialli has to overcome a poor start to reach modern hero status in calcio

Fulham vs Juventus: the Old Lady and the Cottage

Combining an old lady, a cottage and a sleeping giant will give you solid foundations towards the formation of a story. The addition of an overwhelming underdog, a couple of dastardly villains…