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Names of the Nineties: Tony Yeboah

Tony Yeboah was as loved as he was mercurial; the what-ifs and what could have been dreams still live on – and so will his goalscoring record

Names of the Nineties: Eric Cantona

Cantona has become an icon for France and England: a legend and a man whose genius, as both footballer and public philosopher, remains unquestioned

Names of the Nineties: Tomas Brolin

It remains a massive shame that the wondrously gifted Tomas Brolin was used so poorly by a number of Premier League sides in the 1990s

Names of the Nineties: Gary Speed

Gary Speed lives on. Whether his picture shows a shirt of white, blue or black, it doesn’t matter: the fans do not care, for he was and still is loved

The colossal impact of Mark Viduka

Illustration by Federico Manasse The abiding memory of Mark Viduka in the Premier League is that of a brooding bulldog forward, lazily monikered with the ‘good touch for a big man’ tag. The…