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Names of the Nineties: Peter Ndlovu

Whilst Nodlovu was salient on his African return, his impact on the Premier League as the cardinal African player of the era is as seminal as his finishing

Names of the Nineties: Dion Dublin

Plenty know Dion Dublin for his exploits far from the pitch, but for many of a particular vintage, there’ll never be any forgetting his exploits on it

The fans finding their voices against oppressive ownership

As the hours on match day ebb by, kick-off slowly drawing ever closer, terraced streets surrounding countless football stadiums across the country buzz with activity as supporters seek to reach their sacred…

The polarisation of Craig Bellamy

Few players have split opinion amongst football fans as much as Craig Bellamy. The former Welsh international striker was the epitome of a Marmite footballer. Born and raised in a working-class area…