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Roberto Baggio: the Juventus diaries

He may have ended his career with a handful of medals but Roberto Baggio is about more than that: his ability is not measured by silverware but by moments

Remembering Dino, the other Baggio

Sharing a surname with his generation’s best player meant Dino Baggio was living in someone else’s shadow, but he deserves to be remembered in his own right

Roberto Baggio: the Brescia diaries

It is perhaps disrespectful to the career of Giuseppe Colucci to deem his most important moment being running onto the pitch as a substitute. A reliable central midfielder, he played a total…

In celebration of Roberto Baggio: the divine ponytail

“Only those who have the courage to take a penalty miss them. I failed that time. Period.” These are the words of a man who has been forced to defend his reputation on…