When God was Bulgarian

Football folklore is replete with tales of unfancied teams fighting back in the face of seemingly overwhelming adversity, recovering from an apparently inevitable defeat to down one of the giants of the game; when a last minute goal gets a team through a difficult match that seemed to be pointing to elimination, when the opposition fails…

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Pablo Escobar and the narco-fútbol years

In 1989, Pablo Escobar was ranked seventh by Forbes Magazine on the World’s Billionaires List. A man with immense power, wealth and a notoriously violent streak, Escobar ran the Medellín drug cartel in Colombia for almost 20 years. Smuggling, bribing and killing his way to the top of the drug lord food chain, it was estimated…

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Gheorghe Hagi: the master of fantasy

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July 3, 1994: it’s Romania versus Argentina in the World Cup round of 16. As the teams line up for the anthems in the searing heat of Pasadena’s Rose Bowl, Romania’s players look around at one another, seeking to take confidence from the ability of their team-mates. They like what they see. Never before has a…

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