The making of Kasper Schmeichel: 15 games at Falkirk

In the immediate aftermath of a whirlwind 90 minutes at the King Power stadium, few could have blamed Craig Shakespeare for coming out with some overly-emotive comments. The past hour-and-a-half of his life had been a rollercoaster of tie-levelling goals, joyous celebration, tempestuous touchline activity, controversial red cards and, above all else, Leicester City sealing…

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Frank Rijkaard: the reluctant one

Delving into the treasure troves of Dutch football’s history is an often emotive and enriching experience. Juxtaposed to the relative mediocrity of the present, the Netherlands’ footballing past showcases a talent pool that ought to be impossible for such a small nation. From the foreign forefathers of Jack Reynolds and Vic Buckingham came the drive…

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The near-misses and future hope of Uzbekistan

Ask a knowledgeable football expert about the powerhouses of Asian football and the answers would be familiar: Australia, South Korea, Iran and Japan. Uzbekistan may not be on that list, but its history and potential is just as compelling as any of the other Asian nations. Its’ domestic league has been fiercely contested by the…

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