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A World of Ultras

The fans that take football to unparalleled extremes.

A World of Ultras: Boca Juniors

A World of Ultras returns with series two: first up, Argentine super club Boca Juniors and their incredible support from La 12, one of the finest union of fans and most intriguing histories in the South American game.

A World of Ultras: Galatasaray

This feature is part of A World of Ultras Over the course of this series, we have delved deep into the realms of football fan culture to discover that there is

A World of Ultras: St. Pauli

GERMANY: A PIONEER OF THE BEAUTIFUL GAME and one of the most successful footballing nations on both the club and international stage. Following the national tea

A World of Ultras: Panathinaikos

Since the birth of Western civilisation, Athens has been one of the most culturally significant cities on the planet. That sentiment rings particularly true in

A World of Ultras: Red Star

This feature is part of A World of Ultras Delije: a term that strikes fear across Europe and evokes all the images linked to football ultras. This is the name

A World of Ultras: Scotland

WITH A POPULATION that only just eclipses the five million mark, it is no surprise that Scotland isn’t a major player in international football. However, when i

A World of Ultras: Legia Warsaw

This feature is part of A World of Ultras VOCAL IN THE STANDS, brutish on the battlefield, rebellious against the institutes; Legia and its Teddy Boys ’95 clan

A World of Ultras: Marseille

This feature is part of A World of Ultras WELCOME TO MARSEILLE, the second largest city in France and capital of the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region. The Med