Spanish football in the Franco years

Spanish football in the Franco years

Following the Spanish Civil War, Francisco Franco’s nationalist forces took control of the country and introduced a reactionary government, centred on traditional values, the church and a centrally dominated, unified state. His dictatorship lasted until his death in 1975, and in that time all of Spanish life came under the purview of his Movimiento Nacional. Football was no different. In this pod, we discuss the implications for players, clubs and the national team during these turbulent times. It’s a tale of contrasts and divisions, exploring how football struggled to survive sociological upheavals, an autocratic dictatorship and how the regime wrapped itself around the glory of Real Madrid and La Roja.


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Gary Thacker // @All_Blue_Daze

Stuart Horsfield // @loxleymisty44

Paul Mc Parlan // @PaulMcParlan

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