Thinking of placing multiple football bets? The pros and cons you should know

Thinking of placing multiple football bets? The pros and cons you should know

MULTIPLE BETS, when combined with services like SBAT football predictions, can offer you the chance to score huge wins through small bets. That’s the reason multiple bets are counted amongst the most popular types in football. Let’s take you through some of the pros and cons of multiple football bets to help you maximise your winnings.

The era before the advent of the Internet was very different for football betting, compared to the huge variety of football bets we can indulge in today. The bets available in those times were shop-based and used to have all kinds of restrictions on the minimum amounts. If you were interested in wagering on a home win, it wasn’t uncommon to expect you to include at least five matches in the bet, making it a multiple wager. Away wins, on the other hand, used to require trebles. Single bets were offered only on the televised football matches. All such measures were mainly to allay fears related to match fixing.


Pros of multiple betting


A major advantage that multiple bets offer over the singles is the kind of returns you can score from them by staking relatively smaller amounts. For instance, three different selections when combined and indulged in through a single treble of $10, at 2.00 odds, would deliver a return of $80 (including the bet amount), if all the selections succeed. These returns can rise up to $320 if five successful selections were combined a similar way. Much higher wins become possible by increasing the number of selections and their corresponding odds.

The odds are inclusive of the sportsbook’s margin, which in case of multiple bets gets compounded and works to the benefit of the sports bettor. For instance, three different even money bets when combined in a treble, at the odds of 2.1, feature a 12.5 percent chance of occurrence, and a potential payout of $93 per $10 bet.

You can significantly improve your returns through multiple betting provided you can regularly source such value bets from the sportsbooks.




A major drawback of multiple bets is that one single defeat can lead to the loss of the entire multiple bet. For instance, if you include five different football matches in a multiple bet, being sure that all five of them will be won by the favourites, you might lose the entire bet even if one of them loses or draws their match.

Please note, using multiple bets to improve your edge can prove to be an uneven journey even if you’re highly confident of your judgement. This is because such bets involve rare big wins and frequent small losses.

Any football bettor who wishes to indulge in multiple bets with the hope of scoring major gains should always use a bookmaker who operates on tiny margins and should stay updated about the latest information and news related to the events under consideration.

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