Regulating the football betting market so there are more options than ever

Regulating the football betting market so there are more options than ever

IT IS NO SURPRISE that Colombians like to bet on football, the most popular game in the country. As the game has gained popularity around the world in the past several decades, Colombia is representative of the growth in fans, players, and team abilities.

With that advancement, the online betting industry has matured and expanded to meet the needs of the growing number of sports bettors. That presents its challenges as customers must discern between the trustworthy and rogue betting sites, the safety of one’s personal information online, and the topic of responsible gambling. Luckily, Colombia is one of the countries stepping up to meet those challenges and regulate the betting market.

Bettors have more choices than ever in today’s world. They can log on to a website, place a bet within minutes, and transfer any winnings into personal bank accounts. But whether traditionally betting in a shop or using mobile betting, no deposit options must be safe and meet the needs of the entire sports betting community.


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Recent information from FIFA indicates that there are more than three million football players in Colombia alone, with nearly 300,000 registered. A total of 2,773 clubs exist to host those players, and there are 15,800 officials to regulate the games.

The Colombian national team has been improving with the vast number of players from which to choose. While it has never topped the FIFA World Rankings, it most recently sat in third place for the first time in its history. 


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The above numbers go hand-in-hand with the growing numbers of sports bettors. That has meant that online sports betting operators have had to step up to meet the need for more betting options. Sports bettors can now log on to their favourite betting app or website and place wagers on everything from the final game score to other events within the game, such as player actions and scoring details. What will the score be at certain times throughout the game? Who will score and when? What will a particular player do to receive a penalty? All of these things and more can be bet on most sites.

Online betting perks also include security and safety, as reliable and licensed operators adhere to proper regulations and keep player funds safeguarded. Whether depositing betting money via a mobile device or transferring money from a well-known betting site into a personal bank account, there are few limits to what bettors can do in a fraction of the time they spent in the past.

Ultimately, the rise in sports betting and online gambling options can generate new interest in football, and that is good for the game. As all entities grow together, customers will be safer, and football fans around the world will benefit.

By Jennifer Newell

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