Why football is a top attraction to most betting companies

Why football is a top attraction to most betting companies

IN TODAY’S WORLD of online betting, customers can bet on nearly anything. Sports betting remains the top choice for most people around the world, but larger betting sites now offer odds on reality television show outcomes, celebrity relationships and baby names, and even famous people’s deaths. Politics is becoming more popular with each passing year as well.

In the end, however, the item that brings people to any betting site is sports. And the most popular game on which to place wagers is football. Betting companies have launched, expanded, and become global powerhouses in this age of online betting. Instead of finding a local betting shop, it is often easier to log on from a computer or even a mobile device, place some quick bets, and go back to daily life. This has allowed online betting and gambling to thrive and operate at staggering levels of value.




One of the most comprehensive surveys about the global worth of sports betting was done in 2013 by Sportradar. It estimated that the match-betting industry was worth $700 billion to $1 trillion at that time, which included legal and illegal markets. And 70 percent of the totals came from football wagers.

This bodes well for operators that offer sports bets – and bets of all types – but also for all types of online gambling. Many customers willing to gamble online are found to dabble on other websites as well, whether to play online poker or to garner some entertainment from online slots and table games. A person may start online at a site that takes their football wagers, but they might throw a little money at a respected online site like Spin Palace (find review here) as well.

Football is the catalyst for many betting sites, but they use that business to urge players to take a chance on other games. It’s all in the name of big business.


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While analysts try to hone in on the problem of fixed matches and unlicensed online betting operators, customers remain in the dark about many of the sites offering to take their bets. The problems are becoming more widespread as more operators emerge on to the betting scene with promises of good odds and quick payoffs.

That is why Colombia is among the latest countries to examine their online gambling and betting laws. The process of regulating and licensing sites can be a complicated one, but it affords the government to monitor the safety of those sites for customers. With the cooperation of internet service providers and banking institutions, countries are better able to monitor the sites that offer bets on football and other sports while keeping customers safe from rogue sites that are not reliable or regulated.

Sports bettors typically pay little attention to this aspect of the gambling world. They simply want to watch and bet on football. But with the help of attentive governments and regulated betting sites, those football bets are safer than ever before.

By Jennifer Newell

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