How well are former footballing stars doing

How well are former footballing stars doing

AFTER THE RECENT REVELATIONS that former Arsenal, Galatasaray and Ivory Coast star defender Emmanuel Eboué was on the verge of suicide as he lost everything he owned to his wife, we went out of our way to find out what yesteryear footballers are doing today. Many have taken different paths from football and found success, while others are still involved in the game and are doing well for themselves. 

Dion Dublin (Manchester United, Aston Villa and England)

If we were to place bets on what Dion Dublin would be doing after football, most odds would no doubt favour a coaching career in football but alas, he has gone on a totally different path. Dublin is now a property pro who helps people find homes in the UK. Dublin also co-hosts the Homes Under The Hammer show on BBC One.

George Weah (AC, Milan, Manchester City, PSG, Chelsea and Liberia)

As of December 2017, George Weah is the new President of Liberia. Yes, I know you are probably shocked but he has made a name for himself in not only his country but also the world at large becoming the first footballer to become a president.

Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United, West Ham, Bournemouth, Leeds, QPR and England)

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand after retirement went into what most think is usual for former English greats; that is a pundit at BT Sport. However, he announced earlier this year that in 2018 he would be starting a new career in the boxing ring. He will start off in the cruiserweight division.

Stuart Ripley (Middlesbrough, Southampton, Blackburn Rovers and England)

In need of a lawyer, you can give Ripley a call. Stuart Ripley has made a name for himself in law circles in the UK and soon he will be a lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire.

David Hillier (Arsenal, Bristol City and Portsmouth)

David Hillier chose a post-football career like no other; he is now a firefighter in his hometown in Bristol.

Eric Cantona (Manchester United, Leeds United, Marseille, Bordeaux, Montpellier and France)

Many remember Eric Cantona for his kung-fu kick. That kick somehow kicked started his post-football career in acting, as he is now a film star starring in movies such as Elizabeth and Looking for Eric.

Tim Wiese (Bayer Leverkusen, Werder Bremen, FC Cologne, Hoffeinheim and Germany)

I bet no one saw this coming but straight after his retirement in 2014, he headed to the WWE at the invitation of General Manager Tripple H. he made his WWE debut on 3 November 2016 in a six-team tag match where he fought alongside Irishman Sheamus and Cesaro.

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