Five tips to make the most of football accumulator bets

Five tips to make the most of football accumulator bets

Regardless of the huge number of football bettors who actively place single bets at the best online gambling sites in Canada and other parts of the world, there’s still a considerable percentage of them that prefer only and only accumulators! Although the winning chances in accumulators aren’t as good as single bets, multiple selections continue to be the best way to back the favourites in football matches, apart from being a good means to land hefty pay outs. Let’s go over the top five tips that can help you make the most of the football accumulator bets.

Open multiple betting accounts

Considering that the odds on every selection are multiplied by the bet amount, for determination of potential winnings, even a minor difference in the offered prices can significantly decrease or increase your overall returns. Hence, it’s always better to open accounts with different bookmakers, so that you always avail nothing but the best odds. Keeping in mind that you’d be mostly betting on the favourites, finding out which bookmakers consistently provide good prices on the best sides, could be very profitable in the long run.

Make strategic adjustments to the bet amount

Knowing that accumulator bets win only if all the underlying selections are winners, you should pay close attention to the size of your bet and the combined accumulator odds. Do not refrain from scaling down your bet if the accumulator seems like a long shot. On the other hand, if your accumulator consists of many selections, wherein every backed team is a huge favourite, you shouldn’t hesitate from increasing the bet amount to multiply your returns.

Factor in the accumulator bonuses

Many reputed bookmakers offer ongoing bonuses to their customers for winning accumulators, often adding up to 100 percent cash bonuses to the winnings (of course depending on the total number of selections). All such bonuses can add significant value to your accumulator bets, so you must definitely open accounts with websites that frequently offer such bonuses.

Short priced favourites aren’t always the best

The main strategy used by football bettors with regard to accumulator bets is to back a good number of top-rated teams to win at short odds. However, it’s important to note that even the best of the sides can slip up every now and then, both in the away games as well as at home. Therefore, at times you must skip the short-priced favourites, especially when the offered odds are low and don’t hold much value. Instead, you should back the in-form teams going up against weaker oppositions, thereby keeping your winning chances almost the same, but improving the overall odds significantly.

Punt only on the top leagues

Considering that even the best online bookmakers offer prices on several football leagues, it may sometimes seem tempting to punt on teams participating in different competitions. However, if your aim is to bet only and only through accumulator bets, you should follow no more than 4 competitions at any given time, and gain ample insight into the players and teams of those leagues. That’s the only way you can learn how to consistently find good value and emerge profitable in the long term.

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