Introducing the Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility: the boot of the future

Introducing the Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility: the boot of the future

To create the product of the future, you must go back and take some inspiration from the past. Time to meet the adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360Agility.


WHEN A BOOT IS RELEASED that causes all nerds and players alike to stop and take notice, that is when it’s guaranteed to truly get me excited. The adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360Agility is only the second truly laceless boot silo the brand has released to date, with the PureControl being the first.

The Nemeziz 17+ 360Agility is made for the nimble, light-footed and sharp-reflexed players, who use these attributes in their play to dance past defences. They are true creators, who can strike from anywhere and at any time, which is why opponents fear them so much. Indeed, most defenders will remember the times they were outmanoeuvred and put on the floor; just think of Jérôme Boateng, who I’m sure won’t ever forget Lionel Messi.

Adidas have added more superstar names to the agility roster and that’s why you can also look forward to seeing this boot on the feet of players like Roberto Firmino and Julian Draxler. Exciting prospects in each their own way, both fit the mantra of this new boot.

As far as first impressions go, the Nemeziz strikes a perfect chord. Getting it in hand, you can’t help but notice the striking design that pops even with only Black/White/Safety Yellow on the entire boot. Touching the boot, you can feel the AgilityTape that wraps nearly the entire not apart from the toebox and bottom of the heel area. It is especially stretchy and soft around the top of the boot in order to make it easier to slip on and off.

To give a player a completely new way of experiencing agility, adidas have tapped into a common ritual in other physical sports and arts, which is wrapping your feet in elastic tape. Boxers do it to stay strong and nimble, ballerinas do it for stability and to feel light-footed, and martial artist do it to enhance their reflexes. All of these needs play a big part in football and that is exactly what adidas have looked to unlock with their new Nemeziz, which features the 360 Agility bandage. The 360 Agility Bandage makes up the entire

Adidas have created a 17.1 version of the Nemeziz design, which does features laces on the upper, to complement the adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360Agility, but this 360 Agility Bandage and its elasticated nature means that the upper can be made entirely without laces on the 17+ version and with very strong lockdown too. When you pull on the boots and stretch the material, you can feel how the material wants to compress and tighten for a personal and wrapped fit.

The material has been wrapped all the way around the boot, so it folds and sits anatomically correct. This means you really get that snug fit, which so many people crave in their boots. The bandage is sown finely together, and to give the boot construction more stability in key areas, adidas have added thin layers of silicone where the Nemeziz 17+ 360Agility upper needs to be stiffer.

Performance in the Nemeziz is easily narrowed down to one word: outstanding. The laceless technology on the inside of the boot alongside the 360 AgilityBandage lock your foot in place. I was sceptical that I would slide around in the boot or would not have as much lockdown as I normally have from a laced option of a boot, but the Nemeziz blew me away.

The soleplate is not exceptionally wide, but I had zero issues in my normal size and found the boot to be comfortable while playing both in a game and in training sessions. On in the inside of the boot, there are tiny rubber elements that grip onto your sock to prevent slipping during play – a subtle but effective tool to add balance.

The heel liner is padded to prevent any discomfort, too. The shape of the boot on the collar is an interesting design with a sharp cut downwards that takes some time to get used to. At first, I felt some rubbing on my ankle as it was not used to having that sort of design there. During the course of my testing, however, I did not have this problem again.

The way it fits out of the box is about how it will be for the entire time – a new innovation in the football boot world – although there may be minimal stretching towards the toe end. The toebox itself is made entirely out of Agility Knit and it is without a doubt one of the best parts of the Nemeziz. The upper is thick, but when striking the ball or controlling it, it gives a layer of cushion to allow the ultimate touch, while also giving a thinner feel compared to that of a Tiempo or any leather cleat.

The new soleplate, dubbed TorsionFrame, is a simple one with half-moon shaped studs strategically placed under the toes. Four studs are also placed under the heel to lessen stud pressure when playing. I never had any pressure issues, slippage, or a lack of grip, which is vital for the type of player that should be looking to invest in this boot.


Having had to go back in their proud history and finding wrapping up for boxing, ballet or martial arts as inspiration for their new boot can only be described as a stroke of genius and true originality by the designers behind it. Wrapping up and preparing for battle is as much about mental focus as it is improving your physical performance, which is what makes it so fitting for football.

I am excited to see how people take to the new concept and especially looking forward to seeing the design in action. This is the boot of the future 

By Omar Saleem  

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