Mourinho is here to stay at Manchester United

Mourinho is here to stay at Manchester United

José Mourinho, the manager of Manchester United, said on Wednesday that he will require ample time in order to transform the football club into a serious force once more. He reiterated his point by mentioning that the best manager the Premier League has ever known also required a number of years to build a period that was successful. Fans can use such information to find soccer odds on sites like MyBookie.

Alex Ferguson started working with Manchester United back in 1986, but only had a breakthrough in 1990 when he clinched the FA Cup. Furthermore, he only got to lift his first Premier League title three years later.

Winning the first Premier League title was the just the tip of the iceberg as Manchester United gradually rose to become a dominant team in English football. This was characterised by two consecutive decades filled with nothing but success.

Ferguson delivered 38 trophies in his 27 years at Old Trafford. These included a total of 13 Premier League titles, two Champiosn League titles and five FA Cups.

Mourinho replaced Louis van Gaal in May and mentioned that the impact of his managerial skills at the club will require time to be realised. This was just before Manchester United’s Europa League matchup with Feyenoord. He confirmed that he was being a bit careless with his words when he vowed to win the Premier League as it was he was being too ambitious.

Currently in the Premier League table, Manchester United is in the sixth position with just nine points below Chelsea who are at the front. Mourinho expressed his desire to manage Manchester United even after the expiry of his three-year long contract. However, he said that he knew that performances on the pitch had to warrant his desire.

He mentioned the importance of taking things step-by-step as he was just beginning his journey with the club. He also mentioned that he is keen on seeing his journey with the club be successful and that he knows he needs to earn his future stay at the club.

Mourinho is keen on improving his squad; more so than he is at satisfying some unrealistic goals that the fans of the club have. This is because the fans need results almost immediately, a far-fetched goal. Mourinho feels that three years at the club is adequate time to deliver positive results and that it was not solely about the transfer window. He said that he had to do more with his relationship with the club’s players, himself getting to understand them and vice versa.

Mourinho also clarified rumours that Manchester United might try to acquire Lionel Messi. He said that Messi often says he is leaving Barcelona but he never does so. He further added that it would be nice for Messi to just end his career at the club as he belongs there.

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