The rise of the best e-sport stadiums in the world

The rise of the best e-sport stadiums in the world

Let’s begin this conversation at the very beginning by saying that prize money in gambling is already soaring into millions of dollars. It is even reported that top gamblers or players are taking home a six or seven figure income because they know how to play well, plus they have a massive following that is passionate about them. This has given rise to the world of e-sport stadiums which seem to be the trend in online video gaming.


The big money has contributed to the rise of the best e-sport stadiums in the world


The current e-sport stadium is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to easily accommodate its visitors. But this is also a testimony of how money is circulating in this, now, over-sized economy outfit.

E-sports can be traced back to the 1990s, although e-sport stadiums only emerged recently. In the 90s, popular games like Street Fighter and Doom carried the day. These games were held in crowed ballrooms right in front of a few hundred spectators. Again, those who won these games would incur hefty travel and accommodation bills, thus they would still feel the pinch.

In fact, one e-sport commentator was quoted saying he would spend $1,000 to go win some $700 prize. Many others can also confess the same thing.

However, deep public interest in the so-called competitive gaming materialised in the early millennium. Countries that made that critical move to adapt fast and affordable internet got overly wild for games like StarCraft (a strategy game). Then the world was introduced to the advent of free-to-play games which became popular in 2009 onwards.

Today, the most fanatical player spends any amount of money on virtual goods to purchase special tools needed to play the games. But there is still a good fraction of those who don’t spend any money here. This has resulted in a gigantic following, which in turn gives rise to the creation of the best e-sport stadium in the world.


Where the world of e-sport is currently at today


E-sport stadiums have been known to attract as huge as 100,000 or more attendees. These tournaments can run for days as opponents strangle to battle their fellow opponents for real money.

Even though gaming competitions have been around for quite some time, the current state of things can only be described as unthinkable. This is of course inspired by the fact that more gamers have access to broadband internet and frees to play casino games at, such as those offered by major online casinos today.

Games have grown leaps and bounds, both in size and frequency. As a result, e-sport stadiums have been forced to adapt to the changing times to accommodate the needs of their audience.


A typical e-sport stadium in the world right now


In a typical e-sport stadium, you’ll find cheering fans dressed in costumes that resemble game characters. They also hoist national flags as a sign of showing support to their favourite teams. On the other hand, commentators (also known as casters) are busy offering play-by-play experience for their fans.

And then statistics have it that there are more than 70 million people who watch e-sport games on the internet or on TV.




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