Will there be a bolter in next year’s English Premier League?

Will there be a bolter in next year’s English Premier League?

The next football season is ahead of us and everybody expects it to be one of the most thrilling seasons in the Premier League in the past years. The reasons are numerous, but the return of Jose Mourinho, as well as the arrival of Guardiola and Conte and the long term contract for Klopp certainly indicate that there’ll be quite a few teams competing for honours. Not to mention that Wenger is still here and Ranieri will surely try to lead Leicester to new successes.

The summer period can be quite difficult for football fans, fortunately, there are other fun things to do while waiting for next season. Participation in daily tournaments and you may win some extra cash. Another exciting thing about the Premier League is that almost every season we have a club and more than few players which nobody had expected to be as good as they were.


The ultimate example


It is difficult to predict whether a player will be a bolter, if it is easy and obvious it wouldn’t be a bolster. Last year we had Leicester and their historic success will be remembered in the years to come. Jamie Vardy is surely one example of a player who all of a sudden takes a prime place on the Premier League stage and his teammate Riyad Mahrez surely isn’t far behind.


Watch out for Palace


One curious fact that caught the eye of the public was that there were five Palace players in the semi-finals. In this category Crystal Palace came second only to Bayern Munich. That is one clear example of the strength of this squad and they have already brought in West Ham’s former player Tomkins, Andros Townsend from relegate Newcastle and keeper Steve Mandanda from Marseille.

Pardew has never been in the spotlight, nor has he been considered to be one of the top coaches in the league, but neither was Ranieri before last season. It surely won’t be easy to repeat the success of Leicester and Crystal Palace are not considered to be one of the candidates for relegation like Leicester were, but it will be quite shocking if they manage to finish in one of the top four spots.

If the Benteke rumours turn out to be true, who might turn out to be the perfect player for Palace, you wouldn’t want to be too quick to write them off. This is a time that have a potential to play European football in the 2017/18 season. Don’t say that you haven’t been warned.


Benteke has a lot to offer


When it comes to players, Benteke is exactly the player to look out for, especially if he leaves Liverpool and joins Palace like it has been suggested. Benteke is a great striker and Jürgen Klopp is well aware of that, but he doesn’t suit the style of play of the club and he definitely isn’t what Klopp is looking for. He’ll be better off at a club like Palace and expect to see a lot of great plays from him if that happens. We feel that he can definitely get back into form and play like he did at Villa. That man can blast goals in and he might even turn out to be the surprise of the season.


Gylfi Sigurðsson


Iceland international Gylfi Sigurðsson was in the spotlight this summer, after his small nation managed to reach the quarterfinal of the European Cup after they eliminated England. Very few would’ve predicted that Iceland will even make it out of the group, but they simply shone. Sigurðsson showed that he has a lot of class and he definitely has potential to take a more central role at Swansea. OK, Sigurðsson already is a well-established player, but this might be the season that launches him further, to the very top of the Premier League.


Dimitri Payet


Dimitri Payet is definitely a late bloomer. Aged 29 he had his best ever season last year. On top of that he did great for France in the Euro 2016. Payet has a lot more to offer. Knowing that he plays for a club that showed great quality last year- West Ham, it wouldn’t be surprising if Payet has an even better 2016-17 season.


Young Dutch superstar Vincent Janssen


Last but certainly not least, is the Dutch youngster that just signed for Spurs. Vincent Janssen is a 22-year-old striker who played for AZ Alkmaar last season. Janssen was the top scorer in the Dutch league, he received the Johan Cruyff Trophy and the Talent of the Year. His transfer cost Tottenham £17 million, but it might turn out to be the smartest investment they made in the last few years. Remember Luis Suarez who came to Liverpool from Ajax in 2011 and was the top scorer in the Premier League in the season 2012/13 and almost led Liverpool to their first Premier League title?! Well, he too came to the Premier League after achieving great honours in the Netherlands and look at him now. Janssen is definitely a player to look out for.

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