Dear loyal subscribers,

We at These Football Times recognise that our readers are the lifeblood of the organisation; that is why we are communicating with you directly regarding some concerning developments over our most recent magazine, Calcio. Our publishers and fulfilment partner, CBF, in this enterprise has failed us consistently in their attempts to ship the magazines to places around the world, except for the majority of the UK. We have been working closely with them to get status updates but to no avail.

For complete transparency (and we would be happy to provide any evidence for paying customers as we would never knowingly take your money and not provide a service), a breakdown of our issues with CBF are as follows:

 Our magazines were printed by CBF and dispatched on 16/17 January for all pre-orders, and have since been sent in smaller batches for orders after the release date.

 All magazines were paid for in advance (both printing and delivery) and were expected to have a 3-5 day delivery time in the UK and Europe and 7-10 days worldwide.

 After receiving multiple emails that issues had not been delivered abroad, we have chased up for 2-3 weeks for an update. In that time, CBF have failed to provide an answer as to why the magazines have not reached hundreds of people outside of Great Britain.

 We have attempted to contact IBEX, the mailing company, for an update but with no response. They are clearly unwilling to talk to us as we have tried multiple times on the phone and via email.

  We have also provided a complete mailing list to CBF of every order and the email addresses of each person so they can conduct their own survey as they seem sceptical about our claims that hundreds of people abroad are waiting for their magazines. As yet, they have not contacted a single person regarding their order and have failed to explain why hundreds of magazines are missing.

We are working tirelessly to get the magazine to all of you that have ordered one – and it will come to you. We are also making arrangements for a more robust delivery system for the next issue and looking for a new publisher. In the meantime, please feel free to contact CBF directly via this form. We have yet to receive an explanation as to where our magazines are – perhaps as a paying customer for their service, which we of course also are, they will answer your concerns. CBF are also on Twitter and Facebook.

In the meantime, we have given CBF a deadline of 9am (GMT) on Wednesday to get this resolved – over two weeks since we first raised the issue – before we proceed with legal action. We are left with no option but to go down this path considering this is a time-sensitive issue and they do not know why your magazine has not been delivered and cannot give us an answer as to where they are and when they will reach you.

Please accept our deepest apologies for this frustrating set of circumstances; we are embarrassed that we feel compelled to release this message, and anyone that knows our site knows we conduct ourselves in a professional and honest manner and strive to be different to the clickbait lies that dominate our industry. Rest assured, we will do whatever it takes to get your magazine to you as soon as possible.

Omar Saleem (Editor) and Jim Hart (Director)