Predicting the winner of the 2016-17 English Premier League

Predicting the winner of the 2016-17 English Premier League

With the new English Premier Season having begun, football fans are rooting on their favourite teams. Whether they are watching the match live, from their local pub, or in the comfort of their own home, many fans like adding to the thrill by making bets while watching the game. Before placing these wagers they like to know what the current odds are of certain teams becoming Premier League champions.

Leicester City

While last year’s victor initially had a better chance, the odds of them repeating their Premier League title have plummeted after the opening games of the season. At 50-1 odds, some miraculous may need to take place to get them back into the hunt.

Manchester City

With a new leader at the helm, Pep Guardiola is a former player who is already bringing Manchester City up to a new level. In his first season, the team has the best odds now of winning the league at 11-8.

Manchester United

Another team under new leadership, Coach José Mourinho is revamping the team. With new players signed to the team, they have been performing well. Currently they have the second best odds of being Premier League Champions at 11-4.


After last season’s promising finish, the team hopes to end their 26-year dry spell with a league title.  Jürgen Klopp has helped to make opponents fear playing the team, especially when playing at their home base in Liverpool. While the odds are 14-1 as of now, this is still a team to watch.


Opening the season with key victories, Chelsea has improved their potential for being league winners. The odds of 5-1 are still a little less likely when compared to some other teams

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