The Moneyball concept has been taken to a whole new level. Initially, coaches, scouts and other staff members used numbers to figure out who to sign in order to improve their squad’s success rate. Nowadays, a team of professional sports bettors have put together a similar mathematical system, with the difference being that this one is meant to predict the outcome of football matches and deliver the most accurate betting suggestions.


The first impression when somebody is accessing Soccerkeep for the first time is that the website is nothing more than a live score service, but shortly after they start clicking around the platform will reveal some of its unique features.

All you need to know in just one place


Soccerkeep provides several complex match statistics that are uniquely distributed in order to help bettors analyse fixtures and determine the most worthwhile bets.

Gathering all the pre-match information usually requires hours of work. Not anymore. The platform delivers all the statistical data you need and on top of that, you will also find some other bits of critical information like the sidelined players, the referee and even betting tips for over 1,000 football matches every week.


Ever wondered how many times has Manchester City taken the lead in a Premier League match when playing away from home during the current season? And how many times they were drawn level?

On Soccerkeep you can find that out in seconds. Just select the desired fixture and scroll down on the respective page:


You can also see how many times the teams have been trailing and of course, how often they managed to equalise. Also, who scored first, in what average minute, home or away etc.

How many times have you tried to evaluate the form of two opponents without having much success?

The next time you find yourself in this situation you will know where to look:


The home side scored in the last eight matches carried out on home ground, whilst the visitors also managed to net at least one in the past five trips and both conceded in their last match. Does this point towards a both teams to score bet or is it just me?

How do you figure out the intervals when goals are most likely to happen?

Betting on the first or the next goal is very popular, but time intervals are even more popular amongst gamblers. Before placing such a bet you are probably inspecting how the teams did in the last 2-3 matches, but not much more than that. Well, take a look at this:


Checking out the given example, it is easy to spot that the home team is usually very strong in the last fifteen minutes of the first half – which is exactly the same interval when the away team concedes a lot. This table can also come very handy for establishing the match scenarios that are most likely to happen.

Could a handicap bet be worthwhile on this match, and if so, what margin should I take?

This is the overly-present question that comes around every bettor’s head when spotting a clear favourite. Solution: take a look at the Goal Margins section.


After going through all the previous sections you should already have a decent answer to that question. This table will either confirm your beliefs or make you change your mind, in a data-relevant way, which long-term is known to be the best.


Incredibly efficient betting tips


Soccerkeep’s unique algorithm generates a series of picks for all the thousands of football matches from over 1,000 leagues and cups worldwide. The founders have spent years perfecting the system, interviewing some of the most successful tipsters in the industry. The secret formula is based on various key indicators that professional bettors use.


If you want to check Premier League results, advanced stats or the latest automated betting predictions you know where to go. Not only will you find what you were looking for, but surely much more than that!