It‘s a beautiful day to go and watch some football, and luckily the Premier League is back with its week 32 fixtures. While the League table may still shift and move around a little, it’s clear that the other contenders have to put in extra hours to catch up with Leicester City – and so far, Tottenham is doing the best job at that. So let’s take a look at the games these two have set for the weekend.

Firstly, Spurs. They started their season off with rather mediocre performance, then they got better and got comfortable being fifth, which turned to fourth, which then turned to being the second for seven consecutive weeks. But Spurs still have seven more games to play, and that six-point advantage that they’ve got over the Gunners isn’t all that indestructible: Arsenal could catch up very quickly.

This week it’s Liverpool that Tottenham have to neutralise if they want to keep their cosy spot. Their first game together was a goalless draw, but according to the UK-licensed bookie TonyBet, the Reds may actually win this one. Their odds at a victory are 31/20 while the Spurs got 9/5 – but to be fair, that’s not a huge difference.

Liverpool have had a bit of a shaky season, and everybody had super high hopes after Klopp took over, but that didn’t bring them further than to the 9th place so far. However, it’s worth noting that they had two games postponed. The Reds have been struggling with injuries for the entire season, and they’ve got quite a few players sidelined once again – although the majority of them should, in theory, come back in time for the upcoming match.

Meanwhile Tottenham are almost at full strength, and three of their four injured players should be joining the squad come game day. Luckily none of their key goalscoring or assisting lads are out of the rotation, so they really have a good chance going up against Liverpool. Klopp’s men aren’t going to give up without a fight, so we can expect a tough battle on Saturday.

And then there’s Leicester City. Nobody seems to be able to get close to them, and by now it would probably be a bigger surprise if they didn’t win a title than if they did. Despite the outcome of Week 32, they are going to keep first place – they don’t even need a draw. However, Southampton aren’t the easiest opponent, either.

The TonyBet bookies think that the Foxes can outrun the Saints: the current leader’s odds for another win are at 6/5 against the 49/20 that their opponents were given. The first meeting of the season ended in a 2-2 draw. Leicester definitely has the advantage of being the fitter team – although Southampton aren’t exactly in an injury crisis either, with just a few players unable to join the squad in the upcoming match.

As far as the Foxes are concerned, they‘ve got both Mahrez and Vardy fit and ready to show what they‘ve got. The English striker has been spectacular playing for the national team as well, so it‘s to be expected that he will once again shine with Leicester. Together with Mahrez – and the rest of the squad – they‘re going to be a tough nut to crack on the Sunday‘s fixture.

It seems like this season really is full of surprises. There have been quite a few matches postponed though, which is certainly going to put some extra pressure on the teams involved.  A few squads are still working extra shifts league wise: Man City have the Champions League to think of, Tottenham, Man United, and Liverpool the Europa League. But first, let’s see the lads run this weekend.